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The biggest collection of trainingsvideos.


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Altitude meters

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CAdenceVR is officially ANT+ Certified

CadenceVR is ANT+ certified and able to control any Smart Trainer. It can also upgrade any other trainer

CadenceVR talks via an ANT + connection to all sensors and electronic trainers. You get performance data on the screen like speed, cadence, heart rate and watts. Cadence VR even controls the resistance of electronic trainers. CadenceVR is fully ANT + certified and is able to control any Tacx Smart, Elite B + and Wahoo Kickr (Snap) trainer. Don’t have an expensive trainer at your disposal? With CadenceVR you can even turn a normal spinning bike or hometrainer into a VR machine. 

Compatible devices

Powermeter Support

Connect your Powermeter via ANT+ with CadenceVR and use it together with our many structured workouts or videos.

Smart Trainer Support

Connect your Tacx Smart, Elite B+ or Wahoo KICKR (Snap) via ANT+ and CadenceVR will control your trainer.

ANT+ Sensor Support

Connect your sensors via ANT+ with and upgrade every trainer into a virtual reality trainer.


  • 1 License
  • 30 Download Videos
  • All Options


  • 2 Licenses
  • 30 Download Videos
  • All Options

Extra videos from

per video
  • 180 Videos available
  • as download or on
  • Blue-ray or DVD


CadenceVR Videos

The largest collection high quality trainingsvideos worldwide

Real Slopes

Get the real roadfeeling like when your riding outside.

Download Videos

Big collection of online available videos you can ride today.

GPS indoorride data

Ride your favourite routes indoor and share your trainingride on Strava.

Analyse your data

Analyse your training in any platform or just in Excel.

Videos on DVD or Blu-ray

Don't have a fast internetconnection? We also ship our entire collection on DVD and Blu-ray.

Share data

If you want we can upload your data to Strava and any other platform.

Share data

Speed, power, cadence and heart rate are all displayed in CadenceVR.

Training plans

Create your own workouts in CadenceVR or download the available ones.