Real Life Video FAQ

How can we help? Please find below the answers to the most asked questions

General FAQ

Which brand trainers do you support?

In fact we support all trainers from electronic once to spinningbikes and hometrainers.

What is CAdencevr.com ?

CadenceVR.com is our own software developed to use with our videos. You can use it with any trainer or spinbike. If you have an electronic trainer which supports ANT+ FE-C we even control the resistance.

Can I download your videos ?

Yes! You can download most videos. Please remember that our videofilesizes range from 1 to 25 Gb and downloadspeeds depend on location and downloadspeed. If you have a slow internet connection get the video on DVD or Blu-ray.

Do your VIDEOS include GPS DATA for Strava?

Yes! The best way to get your trainingsdata to Strava is to use CadenceVR.com with your trainer.  We further support GPS data in Ergoplanet and Kettler World Tours.

IS the installation difficult ?

No. There are two ways to install our videos. Automatically or manually.  On each DVD is an installer included to do the job. 

Do your videos control the motorbrake?

Yes, if you have an electronic trainer our videos control the resistance according the slope.